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How to Have Child-Like Faith


My daughter is going thru a mommy phase right now.  Like clockwork, every 30 minutes or so she needs mommy.  She lifts her arms, puts her sad face on and starts a chorus of “mama’s” that quickly gets louder the longer she finds herself outside of my embrace.  A few nights ago it hit me. She is teaching me how to have a child-like faith. 

You see, once mommy holds her for a couple of minutes she’s right as rain.  It’s like she just needed a little reassurance that everything is ok.

That got me thinking about how I little I do that with my Heavenly Father on a regular basis.  At times when I’m feeling insecure or frustrated, instead of getting upset, I should be running with all my might towards Him.   Just a few moments in His presence or a quick minute in the arms of His word, would be the reassurance I need to make it thru the day.

When I get angry at that driver who cut me off.  Or upset at the fact that it’s 4:55 pm and, of course it decides to storm right as there’s a mad rush for the door at work.  Or the fact that my boss just gave me a big project to finish by the end of the week…and it’s Thursday afternoon. When I feel frustrated and insecure, what would happen if I put my arms out and ran to God?

When I feel frustrated and insecure, what would happen if I put my arms out and ran to God?

My grandmother, who rested solely on her trust in God, used to talk to me often about how to have child-like faith.  She didn’t over-complicate the bible.  Everything was black and white.  She relied on God for everything and rested in His love daily.  Maybe this is a part of what that means?  When my little girl cries out for mommy, she’s singularly focused on me.  Needing me. Being held in my arms. Hearing me sing to her or say soothing words.  Isn’t that what we’re all really longing for?  Someone to tell us everything is going to be alright.

So the next time, she cries out.  Even though I may be exhausted and worn out from the day.  I will run to her.  And she will remind me that I need to also run to my heavenly father to find my rest.

It’s okay, baby girl.  Mommy’s coming…


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