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First Birthday Party Pressure


My Baby Girl Is Turning One…At Some Point

It was probably about a month ago when a friend of mine asked “What is your theme for Lily’s first birthday party?”

I don’t know about all of you, but first of all, my baby girl was 8 months old at that point and we still had four months to go.  Most days I can barely think about what we’re having for dinner that night, let alone a birthday theme 4 months in the future.  Especially a birthday theme for a then 1-year-old who wouldn’t even remember what the theme was!

Sure, a few fleeting thoughts had probably wafted through my brain at some point about the fact that she would turn 1 in the future.  But, was I a bad mother because I wasn’t already planning the details?  Holy cow!  Now you’re telling me I have to have a theme?

The Search for a First Birthday Party Theme

So, I did what any self-respecting woman and mommy would do.  I turned to Pinterest…and then, inevitably, Etsy.

And I found amazing pictures of birthday celebrations.  Perfect children dressed in searsucker and lace.  Beautifully color coordinated balloons, streamers and ribbons.  Flawless cakes decorated like unicorns, birds, ladybugs, flowers and yes, cookie monster (who Lily absolutely  adores).  And then it hit me.  Crud.  I would need to bake a cake!

For those of you who bake, that may seem like the simplest thing in the world.  But, while cooking comes naturally to me…baking does not.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it.  I just don’t do a lot of it.  And I’m always intimidated by anything more than baking cookies from the instructions on the back of the Tollhouse chocolate chip bag.

This birthday party pressure was definitely mounting.

Picking The Perfect Cake

So let’s talk cake.  Normally, one of my favorite things to talk about…when I’m on the eating end of it.  I know I could buy a cake, but I have waited 46 years to bake for my child, and dang it, I’m going to do this!  But now I not only have to bake it, I have to pick the cake decorations too.  So back to searching online.  The unicorn thing is pretty cool, but seems maybe overdone.  I could do a character, like cookie monster, but that just seems way too complicated.

So, I thought, ‘what if I did something simple, like flowers?’  So I started watching YouTube videos on how to make icing flowers.  Another hour down the drain and I had nothing to show for it except for the fact that I was now feeling overwhelmed and terribly frustrated.

Where Do I Go From Here?

After more than two hours into this internet rabbit hole.  I took a deep breath.  One thought came to my head. What would Lily want?  And, as silly as that sounds, it helped me gain some perspective.  Lily wouldn’t care what her cake looked like.  She wouldn’t even care if it came from a box mix (and it probably will).  She would just be thrilled to have mommy and daddy there and play with the wrapping paper from her presents.

Plus, the invite list will be a short one – family and a few close friends.  They certainly wouldn’t care if Lily’s party was themed to perfection.

So I’m left with this.  There will be no “theme,” other than celebrating God’s precious gift of our sweet baby girl.  The cake will be simple, probably something pink with a few real flowers (because I’m pretty sure my homemade icing flowers would never top God’s creation).  Smash cake – definitely!  Balloons – probably.  Streamers – undecided.  But either way, Lily will feel loved.  And mommy will be delighted to spend less time planning, prepping and organizing and more time enjoying the moment.


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