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How To Make Diaper Changing Easier


The changing table experience can be some of the most difficult times of the day.  Not just for your baby – but for you too!  My daughter started getting crazy during diaper changing around 8 months and there was no end in sight to her rolling, kicking, grabbing and general crankiness during diaper time.  Add a nasty case of diaper rash to the mix and it can get extremely ‘cray-cray.’

There are some helpful hints that I’ve found, though, to make it a little smoother.  Let’s face it, nothing is really fool-proof.  But I swear these really can work.

7 Tips To Make Diaper Changing Easier:

Sing to your baby

Your baby always loves to hear the sound of your voice and singing just makes it even more fun.  Plus, it can be distracting.  And when your baby is rolling around and wiggling all over with a dirty diaper precariously perched nearby, it’s all about distraction.

Keep Toys Close By

Have some small toys nearby your baby can occupy their time with.  I have a rattle, a book or two and a small stuffed animal close at hand.  But use the toys your baby loves.  Shoot, even a burp cloth can distract sometimes – whatever works.  Just make sure they are small…bigger toys can get waved around a lot and may end up in places that would warrant a trip to the laundry room.

Play a Fun Game

Making the changing table a fun experience can help babies associate getting a diaper change with fun.  We play peek-a-boo or give raspberries or do “Tom Tinker.”  Again, it’s about getting your little one to focus on something else.

Make the Space Visually Interesting

At the changing table in my daughter’s room, I’ve put together a photo board with pictures of family members.  We look at the pictures and I’ll point and tell her who everyone is.  It’s a great way to distract her – while she’s learning names of her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Shop photo boards on Amazon.

Organize the Diaper Changing Area

Have everything you need close by.  Diapers, cream, powder, lotion, wipes, hand wipes (for the occasional time when baby sticks their hands somewhere unclean).  One of my favorite baby hacks are dog waste bags.  We order them in bulk from Amazon and put every dirty diaper in them seal them up and toss them away.  The dog bags are super cheap and it holds the odor in pretty well.  Plus, we use them with our dog, Stella, as well! Shop diaper baskets on Amazon

Talk to Your Baby

Similar to singing, talking works.  Whether it’s just talking them through what you’re doing as you’re doing it or repeating nursery rhymes, it takes their minds off the task at hand and puts it on listening to mommy – a favorite pastime.

Stay Calm

This can be the most difficult one of all.  When you’re child fusses and makes it impossible to simply put a clean diaper on them, take heart, you’re not the only mom experiencing this.  I know you’ve probably been struggling for the past 5 minutes just to close the diaper velcro…but don’t give into the frustration.  Trust me, it only makes matters worse.  Remember, the calmer you stay, the easier it will be for your baby to remain calm (well at least calmer).

Diaper changing is not the most glamorous of mommy tasks, but we spend a lot of our day doing it. And if you have two kids in diapers like I do currently, you’re minutes at the changing table are really adding up. Hopefully these tips on making diaper changing easier will make things just a little easier.

Oh, one more quick tip. I mentioned diaper rash earlier. If you’re looking for a great solution to diaper rash, I use cream followed by a healthy dose of powder. The powder seems to lock the cream in more and really clears things up for your little one quickly.

Good luck and happy diaper changing.

Have other tips or tricks that work for you?  Share your advice with other mom’s in the comments. Or let me know how my tips work for you.


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