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7 Must Have Items for Baby’s Nursery


Building the perfect nursery for your baby is one of the most exciting times of your pregnancy.  It’s something I think almost every woman looks forward to.  In fact, there is so much anticipation leading up to this, that you can tend to over shop for your baby, especially if it’s your first.  I know.  I just went through the process with my first baby about a year ago.  So what are the must-have items for baby’s nursery?  Of course you need things like a crib, monitor and a dresser, but here are seven items (other than the basics) that I couldn’t live without.

  1. Door Latch Cover– For those times when you need to make a quiet escape from the room, or need to stealthily pop in and check on your little one – these are indispensable.  For those of you who don’t know what they are, they attach to both sides of your door knob and hold in the latch, so you can open the door quietly.  Sound crazy?  It may now, but trust me.  When your baby just went down and you have got to sleep in your own bed, you will be so glad you got one of these.  It will be the best $10 you ever spend!
  2. Diaper Wipes Dispenser – This sounds like a luxury – or so I thought before I had a baby.  But you will think this is a gift from God when you are in the middle of changing baby and only have one free hand to grab another wipe.  They let you grab one wipe at a time without pulling the entire contents of the wipes pack out onto the changing table.  We actually got a diaper warmer from someone.  And while we thought that was silly (living in Florida especially), we actually use it just like a wipes dispenser and it is almost my favorite item in the entire nursery. Trust me, it will make diaper changing time easier.
  3. Comfortable Rocker You Can Sleep In – So speaking of favorite items in the baby nursery, this is mine.  My husband and I are both very tall (I’m 6′ and he’s 6’2″), so we needed to find a rocker with a high back.  We checked EVERYWHERE…and I mean EVERYWHERE…to find our perfect rocker.  We ended up shopping at La-Z-boy and finding the most amazing rocking recliner.  You WILL be sleeping in this thing, so please, please, please make sure it is comfortable for you to sleep in.  Sleep will be at a premium, so you need as much help as you can get.  Oh, and don’t forget a blanket and travel-sized pillow for yourself.  You can thank me later.
  4. Small Refrigerator & Bottle Warmer – Ok, so these are two items but they are a package deal, so I’m listing them together.  In the middle of the night, when you or your husband are getting up to feed baby (either formula or stored breast milk) you need this.  We have a two story house.  So grabbing the baby, going downstairs, getting a bottle, heating it up and then going back upstairs to put baby back to sleep created extra steps we didn’t need.  I know, this is a total luxury, but there were nights when I was running on fumes and the mini-fridge truly felt like a life saver.  The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer is also my favorite (and we tried several).  It’s the only bottle warmer we found that lets you set a specific time limit.  And when your baby will only drink the perfectly warmed bottle, this is key!
  5. Wireless Speakers – This is probably another luxury item, but it was so useful.  When my daughter was a newborn I used this all the time to play lullabies and songs while we were in her room nursing or putting her to sleep.  (which is a lot in the first 3 months)  This would keep me entertained and I would sing songs to her as they played in the background.  At 10-months, she now loves songs and music and I feel like this played a part in that love.  We got a SONOS system and actually put them in multiple rooms around the house and love them!
  6. Blackout Curtains – No nursery is complete without blackout curtains.  They are a huge lifesaver.  During the day they block most of the sun from streaming in and at night they keep the light from the streetlamps muted.  The first 6 months, my daughter was a poor napper.  But I think if we didn’t have these curtains it would have been even worse.  Definitely worth the investment to get some good ones.
  7. Light With Dimmer Switch – Of course you need a lamp in the nursery.  But the dimmer switch is key.  Sometimes you need it bright, when you’re playing or changing or dressing.  But at bedtime (for reading bedtime stories) or the middle of the night, when you don’t want baby to fully wake up, you need just enough light to see but not so much that you totally disrupt baby.  The dimmer switch is the most amazing invention.  It was the perfect solution for what I was looking for.

Of course there are other items in the baby nursery I love.  I adore my photo board above the changing table. It keeps my daughter busy looking at pictures of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  And of course, I love the closet storage system I have with hanging racks (I keep towels and washcloths handy on that).  But I could manage to replace those items if I needed to.  The above seven items are things that I absolutely couldn’t do without.

Do you have another idea or something you couldn’t live without? Leave a comment below and share your recommendations for must have items for baby’s nursery with other moms!


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